I can help you to get online

I can help you to get online with your own website and email. I’ve seen too many sole traders and small businesses offer Telstra, Gmail, Hotmail email addresses in their advertising, signage and business cards with no obvious link to their own business. Even those with their own site have used these major companies.

Remarkably I’ve also witnessed websites that have no apparent way to contact the operator. Some cashed up potential customers might prefer to use an email, a contact form or comment section to initiate enquiry. If you offer a range of methods, they can choose. Give them easy access – to you and your business.

You can have an affordable, crisp one or two page site with your own email addresses. Your site will provide photos, some text describing your business, great reviews and a contact form or comment section.  It will also offer a range of payment opportunities EFT, Paypal etc.

It’s easy, can be quick to set up with no further work required until you change a phone number, a photo or add a new service. I’m not able to do major changes but ongoing minor adjustments are included in my initial fee.

Your website will use the WordPress which offers themes that are very easy to navigate, work really well and present all the information you’ll ever need.

You can also use your new website and email address to promote yourself in all social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and so many more. All connected by one online presence. Just look at what your competitors are up to and join them.

I look forward to talking with you about what you’d like and setting you up to boost your connection with clients.