Affordable website and email

Move your business online now

Would you like an affordable website with your own email address? Maybe you’ve tried the self build websites and explored various hosting companies. Maybe you aren’t sure as to how you’ll put it all together. Maybe you think it will cost you thousands?

I’d like to suggest that I’m the solution. I’ll do everything for you. You choose and pay for your domain name & hosting and any fancy extras. I build it, help you to access emails on various devices and then you then pay me, my very affordable fee – $145*

Forget Gmail, Telstra, Bigpond etc, promote your own business. For example

I’ll do everything to get you online, you ask for it, I’ll find it, put it together and you pay – simple. I’ll help you to get your business online now by creating an affordable website and your own email.

The cost of hosting, domain name and security certificate (SSL) if required, are yours to pay. Website hosting with a free domain name can be a less than $10 a month, while the SSL (security) Certificate can be also be less than $10 a month.

Contact Alan Crawford (me) and I’ll help you to explore your options. My fee – $145 (+gst)* for two basic pages, paid once (no ecommerce / shops)

So, what will I do? Just how can I help you get online?

  • I’ll find and confirm your domain name choice., .com or many more (costs vary)
  • You might be able to secure if you have that business name registered.
  • Set up your emails, e.g or
  • Provide you with details and help to set up your own devices to send and receive emails.
  • Adjust your site, such as phone number, photo changes etc.
  • Deal with host tech support if and when it’s required.
  • Discuss the need (if any) for additional back of house features and install them on your new site.
  • Create a logo for your business if you’d like, for $155 (a one off fee)
  • Above all I can help you get online.
  • Let’s get started with your own affordable website and email.