How long and what happens

What’s involved in setting up your new site and email? In addition to telephone and emails we can use Zoom or  Microsoft Teams to discuss your needs. So get in touch to discuss what you’d like, how much it may cost, including hosting, domain name and then we can get underway.

When developing previous sites they enjoyed an online presence almost immediately. 

So what happens?

  • An initial discussion about what name you’d like, if you don’t already have a business name.
  • Selecting the domain name.
  • Signing up for the domain name and hosting package – often accessed from the same company, making it very simple.
  • Choosing email addresses, such as sales, info, your name etc.
  • Choosing a basic wordpress theme, content script and contact details. This includes you providing any relevant photographs.
  • I’ll put it all together and provide you with details of the email set up on your own phone, pc or mac.
  • If requested I will create a logo (extra charge) that you can use on the website, printed materials, cards, flyers or social accounts.

This should all be done in a couple of days, if the domain and hosting set up allows